Hcg 12dpo

I thought this blood test can show than how high HCG are? Or what they are talking about? I'm 12 DPO, before I tried. 14dpo was my hcg 116. I did a test from the dollar tree and the positive came immediately. But even though my hcg level was his urine test negative 116 young, but the blood test confirmed, that was she was definitely pregnant at 14 DPO. I had a first reading on 23 June 923 beta. It was on the 24 June 1520. I think they ovulate June 4-5. After two first ultrasound. It would be so 16/17 DPO. Do you think it is OK? I got my first BFP at 9dpo under the brand of the response. My hcg was 10dpo 19At 12dpo my hcg was my hcg 94At 14dpo 194. It had hcg 12dpo a low positive is an Internet failure (early clinical care) and test answers on 10 DPO (see photo below). Beta hcg at 13 DPO was 118Beta at 15 DPO hcg was 218Pic both exams passed in these two tests on 13 DPO (Beta 118) taken 10 DPO: PIC: lost test response, but here at 15 DPO (218 Beta) IC: wanted somewhere to post, so I hope it is the right place for other people. I got my BFP 10/25 (15 days after the fertilization was about my u / s later). BFP was followed before a $store, digital test and lots of pink/blue. Draw first blood was 27 / 10 and 3rd (Yes, three). Today, I don't know how it is still possible for other tests. Next blood test was the reason why I wanted to publish now 01 11 22 88, are more than 13 weeks pregnant (we saw a beautiful child 3 times via u/s). I was so nervous for my small number, but the child had a slow start. Only numbers should be twice normal! Be not worry, even if you have low-ish numbers. I really went much of this space. But he was harassed and had good results of the list added. I have a positive 8 DPO FRERE (urine at night) with a beta of less, 10 (I think it would be 8ish), had a positive test by Digi and reply on 9 DPO (UFA) with a beta version of exactly 10. Literally half be peed on the stick an hour, until it pulled the beta. So not sensitive enough. Who only three brands that I took. I thought I'd share, since they are less reported numbers. .